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The Harrison Mills nest is located in the community of Harrison Mills, British Columbia.

The nest is 172 feet up in a huge Douglas fir on the 10th green of the Sandpiper Golf Course at Pretty Estates Resort, situated on the edge of the Chehalis-Harrison river flats in south-western Canada.

More specifically, do Eagle Scouts, because of the additional commitment and effort required to reach this rank, experience additional positive attributes that provide advantage and benefits to them over non-Scouts as well as other Scouts who never attain the rank of Eagle?

I have studied the complete report and want to share all 46 findings divided into seven thematic categories. Eagle Scouts exhibit an increased tendency to participate in a variety of health and recreational activities.

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Eagle Scouts consistently indicate their experience in Scouting contributed to positive and prosocial development as measured by responses to a wide range of issues and subjects, including the following: In sum, when compared to Scouts and non-Scouts, Eagle Scouts exhibit significantly higher levels of health and recreation, connection, service and leadership, environmental stewardship, goal orientation, planning and preparedness, and character. Click here to read the complete, 74-page study (PDF).

Birdie went on to claim everyone's heart and we happily watched as she fledged in late summer.

The Honeycombs only laid one egg in 2014, and though both parents incubated it diligently, it didn't hatch.

Putting in these cams was exciting -- in all my years of visiting bald eagles nests none was as high as this nest -- 172 feet! PS The web site of the Pretty Estates is: River's Edge Restaurant: Sandpiper Golf Course: Rowena's Inn on the River: Banders, Rehabilitators, Citizen Scientists - Contribute to Bald Eagle Knowledge On March 5, 2013 an adult bald eagle showed up on the Harrison Mills Bald Eagle nest -- in view of our live streaming cams.

On March 10 and thereafter two adult eagles were seen working on the nest.

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