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Follow our feathered-cap-wearing explorer on another one of his rip-roaring syndicated television odysseys.

This time Montana is on the hunt for the coveted Holy Grail Cup, but watch out Montana, the Order of the Red Arm Band is on your tail again!

An ongoing leader in the digital space, Adult Swim has charted double-digit growth across multiple platforms and mobile gaming, including a 97% increase in web and app usage. Extending viewing hours beyond their linear programming, Adult Swim continues to follow its fans across multiple platforms by introducing new original programming for streaming all day long through Adult

You can see it in the fake text message web fiction genre, in games like The app I’m talking about is called Tap, a recent extension of the existing trend of text messaging fiction platforms.

It’s following on the heels of a very similar service called Hooked, and less directly, the kid-focused Amazon Rapids.

About 20% of women who enter the Solidarity program are illiterate.

They not only lack the ability to read and write, but also other skills that they might have gained in the classroom.

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