Amature chat rooms dating a hohner acoustic guitar

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When ready to send your message, press Enter on your keyboard.You will see your message come up in the chat window below the last entry.Here's a random selection that works like a 'lucky dip'!Click the button & get a random quote - great when you're bored on a wet afternoon!This is an adult chat room and conversation maybe of a adult nature. Users may be removed from the room or indeed the entire site and banned for any act or statement which we judge to be contrary to the good running of our chat room.We would ask you all to follow the chat room rules - No one under 18 is allowed on this site! operates a strict logging policy in which all chat room activity is logged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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- Please ask in the main room before starting a "whisper chat" with someone.

This is for security reasons and entirely for your own safety.

For newly registered members - you can introduce yourself to the FORUM by posting on here.

A good way for others to get to know you and to greet you! There are thousands of quotes that have been quoined by gardeners about gardening over the years.

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