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When the elaborate decorations are lost in an accidental fire, the rebellious and motorcycle riding Jesse Richter (Thomas Mc Donell) is brought in to help her get the school ready for the night of all nights.

But before Nova can choose a dress, a relationship starts to develop between the two initial rivals.

I’m not saying everything needs to have an ‘edge,’ but it’s not entirely believable that these relationships would never go past a simple kiss and punch is the drink of choice at a party.

Following a development season high on semi-autobiograpical fare, pilot season has continued that trend with several projects based on the lives of its creators.

Everyone from unpopular sophomores to seniors who rule the school is covered.

Director Joe Nussbaum watched a load of audition tapes and matched up various actors to get the perfect mix. He’s got that James Dean, James Franco vibe but he’s a real original.

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Katie (Lucy Hale) and Sara (Phoebe Strole) have been friends since childhood.

A transfer student to a rough high school tries joining the cheer-leading squad and she not only faces off against the head cheerleader, but against her former school in preparation for a cheer-off competition.

Southern California high school senior Carson arrives at the all-important "Cheer Camp Nationals" determined to lead her squad, the West High Sharks, to victory. See full summary » On the last day of 8th grade before their freshman year in high school, Julie has a slumber party with three best friends: Hannah, Yancy, and Farrah.

Right down to side characters like the John Cusack-inspired Lloyd Taylor (Nicholas Braun) who just can’t find a date for prom, the actors all have an appealing screen presence and there are some small pleasures here for adults as well.

Aimee Teegarden and Thomas Mc Donell nicely handle the leading roles, but the characters aren’t always written in a way that rings completely true to high school seniors.

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