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Following a September 2014 Government Accountability Office report that found the State Department failed to follow this law, the Administration has taken no concrete action to address these problems.”“Iran and Hezbollah’s history of involvement in the Western Hemisphere has long been a source of concern for the United States.

Given the nature of transnational criminal networks existing in Latin America and the rise of terrorism ideology being exported worldwide from Middle East, it is disturbing that the State Department has failed to fully allocate necessary resources and attention to properly address this potential threat to our nation.

Either way, any confrontation would be a quick and relatively easy US victory.

It was one of the largest and longest conventional interstate wars since the Korean War ended in 1953.

A half million lives were lost, and perhaps another million were injured. war that President Obama recently ended in Iraq was the finale in this march of folly.

The following are excerpted statements from the subcommittee chairmen and testimony of the witnesses.

“Given the impending deadline for nuclear negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program, I believe it is critical for the U. to re-examine Iran and Hezbollah’s activities in our own neighborhood.

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