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Everything was perfect until Yao was called to fight in the upcoming war. Another stressful day working with the others, so he decided to come to this popular bar to maybe meet someone to take out his pain and stress on.

He smirked at the thought of the idea of bashing someone's head with his trusted pipe. He licked his lips as his eyes drank in her every feature. She wore a tight red dress that hugged all her curves, devil red lipstick painted on her smiling lips, and seductive (e/c) that stared into his very soul. She asked if the seat next to him was taken, to which he quickly replied that it was open.

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Until one day a stranger with dark brown hair stumbled upon the same spot.

One your eyes met he other, you both knew at that moment. You were perfect for each other in every way, almost as if you were made for each other. Reader - Russian Roulette Ivan sat at the bar alone with a bottle of Vodka in hand.

You both met for the first time under a cherry blossom tree on a warm Spring day.

Everything was perfect, from the butterflies that flew around you to the petals that fell onto the ground.

***Guardami negli occhi**- P1/C5 - SWEEPER RUNNING - VOTE NOW! ’ One of the men chuckled, stepping back from the whimpering figure, flashing a cocky smile.______ felt her stomach churn.‘Just cleanin out Filled Out Love (Chubby!The term chub for chub (abbreviated chub4chub) is often used in this case in personal ads, chat rooms, and the like.This page uses content that was added to Wikipedia. As with this wiki, the text of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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