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By default the scope of the validator is the same as the Vue instance that owns it, sometimes you may have multiple fields within the same component, they are in different forms and serve different purposes.

The validator will then treat those two fields as the same field which will cause problems detecting the input and displaying the errors.

The regular expression is set in the Validation Expression property.

The following table summarizes the commonly used syntax constructs for regular expressions: The Custom Validator control allows writing application specific custom validation routines for both the client side and the server side validation.

The validation control classes are inherited from the Base Validator class hence they inherit its properties and methods.

Therefore, it would help to take a look at the properties and the methods of this base class, which are common for all the validation controls: The Regular Expression Validator allows validating the input text by matching against a pattern of a regular expression.

directive must be a simple dot notation expression, and that expression must exist on the instance.

For example having inputs in a loop bound by the iterator won't work properly and will instead use the traditional listeners.

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Validation starts with Validator1, Validator2 and finally Validator3.The Kendo UI Validator widget offers an easy way to do client-side form validation.Built around the HTML5 form validation attributes, it supports a variety of built-in validation rules and provides a convenient way for setting custom-rule handling.You can assign one of these properties or all of them if you need to perform multi-level validation.For example you can require the input for text-box and enforce the format to be an email by assigning Validation1 and Validation2 properties.

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