Dating revalation

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But we cannot doubt that other Christians perished too, perhaps many others, whether by the putting in force of a dormant edict of Nero’s, if the edict implied in Pliny’s letter was his, or by a new edict, or without an edict under comprehensive laws.Yet there is nothing in the accounts which suggests anything like a general persecution of Christians, even at Eome : it would rather seem that Christians of wealth or station were mainly, if not wholly, struck at.

To me it was more like a Jew marriage arrangement instead of being made by the person wanting to marry.

It was interesting/good, but being so business like/serious.seems more like a business deal than a relationship that is fun/happy.

It is good to find the right match.questions about who you are/what you want/need are good.

And further, the two accounts of Tertullian and Hegesippus leave it difficult to doubt that Domitian himself stopped the persecution.

Beyond [the mention by Hegesippus of the arrest of Jude’s grandsons and] the vague statement of the late Orosius, there is not a particle of evidence for persecution beyond Rome, and there is nothing in external events as far as they are known to lead either to that or to any great disturbance of society.

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