Dating skam 2016

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That’s partly because of Norway’s strict liquor laws, and also the general social drinking culture, which both tend to encourage weekend binges.

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It's pretty easy to tell: They send the same message over and over, often with the same link.

Young, good-looking people were drinking and laughing, talking and flirting.

Music was playing loudly — a bass-heavy Norwegian pop song, or maybe something by an American rapper. That’s exactly how it went down, at least according to Erlend, a scruffy 25-year-old who works in the Norwegian music industry. the birthplace of Skam, a ridiculously popular coming-of-age drama series that depicts the lives of fictional local teenagers.

At one point, someone started shouting and asked for the music to be turned down. Within minutes, someone had pulled it up on their phone, and the party fell silent for the whole segment, as if collectively hypnotized. Even though it’s only been around since 2015, Skam, which is produced by NRK, a government-owned public broadcaster, and the biggest media company in Norway, is one of the most adored programs in the nation’s history, with about a quarter of the four million-person population watching each clip.

If this was a bad movie, there might have been a record scratch sound. It might also be one of the best TV shows about high school ever made.

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