Dating someone with same name as sibling

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After many hours on The Baby Name Wizard (and the government’s official name database), here are my thoughts (focusing on the US unless otherwise stated)— Parents choosing a name have a few options: Examples: John, James, William, David, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth Benefits: You won’t embarrass yourself; You won’t pigeonhole the kid in any way, including generationally; It’s classy; There’s something cool about a common bond with centuries of previous humans Drawbacks: It’s kind of boring. The Top 10 boys names in the 1880’s share six members with the Top 10 boys names in the 1950’s: John, William, James, Robert, Charles, and Thomas.

These names are often biblical, or sometimes those of famous royalty, and they’re bigger than any one generation—William is not a typical old man’s name or young guy’s name—it’s just William. But the Top 10 in 2012 only includes one name from that list—William.

One credit reporting agency shows me having a very low score because of my father's credit. I often see this issue come up when I file bankruptcy for a son with the same name as his father or vice versa.I am 31 years old and have the same name as my father.My father is 70 years old, filed bankruptcy twice and still has multiple past-due accounts.The researchers explain that this happens because we keep information about a person in a “mental semantic network” that also stores information about related people, places and things.“When we try to remember something, units in our semantic network are activated; when enough units relevant to a concept are activated, the information reaches a threshold, and we remember it.

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