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Phil" It’s been six years and Mark has still not received the boxes – but he says he’s certain he is not being scammed.

The show conducted an international investigation to determine where the boxes are.

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Angie’s 20-year-old son, Brandon, says his mother is in deep denial and can’t even see that she’s being scammed. Angie says she has been dating Danny for more than a year, after meeting him on an online dating site. She says she’s sent him money about 30 to 40 times, totaling at least 5,000, after he made up excuses as to why he needed it. Angie’s son, Brandon, says his mom is a “lunatic” who can’t see that she’s being duped — and if his mother continues to carry on the relationship with Danny, he’ll stop talking to her.Mark says after his divorce, he joined an online dating site where he met “Kelly Smith” whom he describes as attractive, honest, decent and kind.He says that three days into talking, “Kelly” told him that her father passed away and left her .5 million in cash and million in jewelry and diamonds, which she says she put in two metal boxes.He adds that just when it seems like everything is paid for, the shipper, Mr. “Right now, the boxes are in the Bahamas waiting for documentation from Dubai. Adeola has now said that once ,000 payment is made, he will fly to Dubai to get the documents, then fly from Dubai to the Bahamas and bring the boxes to the United States and bring them to my house,” Mark says.“I’ve just sent the last payment to Dubai.”WATCH: Why Man Who Has Sent 0,000 To Help Woman In Nigeria Says He’s Convinced He’s Not Being Scammed Mark, who has never met “Kelly” in person and has only talked to her on the phone three times, adds, “If everything that ‘Kelly’ is telling me is true, I’m saving her life.”In the video above, hear more about Mark and “Kelly’s” relationship.

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