Gadget rss feed not updating

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However, this does not matter too much for ordinary users, but by using web standards it will be easier for persons and applications to exchange data. With RSS, you register your content with companies called aggregators. Each day the aggregator searches the registered websites for RSS documents, verifies the link, and displays information about the feed so clients can link to documents that interests them. Submit your RSS feed to the RSS Feed Directories (you can Google or Yahoo for "RSS Feed Directories"). The URL to your feed is not your home page, it is the URL to your feed, like "https://

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Convert RSS to HTML, convert RSS to Javascript, convert RSS to PHP and include RSS on Facebook. The RSS Feed Widget brings fresh content to your website every hour. We give you a 30 days test-drive to all of our features, no strings attached.

With the RSS/Atom Reader Widget you can publish news feeds on your website, blog or facebook page quickly and easily!

The next reasonable thing for you to do might be to create a new RSSbox. Style the appearance of the news feed just as you want and copy & paste a simple piece of HTML/Javascript or PHP to integrate a brand-new, automatically updated RSS/Atom Feed Widget into your website. Basically, an RSSbox is an RSS reader widget - a rectangular area on your website or blog displaying text and images from RSS feeds.

NDTV Gadgets offers free headlines for personal, non-commercial use via Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0).

This is an easy way to get the latest news from NDTV Gadgets even if you are not logged on to the site. Click on the section you are interested in and install a news reader that displays RSS feeds.

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