Grant mickelson taylor swift dating

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"There is something I want you to know before you go," she starts quietly, "I love you like I love my own children and I think Taylor loves you too..." her voice trails off, "I'm sorry I had to do this, Grant," she briskly walks away into the sunrise. I collapse on the floor and start breaking down on the inside. I clearly remember something that happened a few years ago. A fan came up to me and said, "Grant, don't you ever leave Taylor.

She hands me a folded up piece of paper, "This is for you, Grant," Andrea says with tears in her eyes. Andrea may not be my mother, but in all these years of knowing her I've grown quite close. It's urgent," she says and I have a feeling she's doing everything she can to not break down crying right here. ' FIRED' is the first word I notice, printed in a bloody red colour. It happened in late 2010, if I recall accurately and it happened before one of our shows.

He was the lead guitarist for Taylor starting in the beginning of it all - when Taylor was still playing inside Walmart stores.

He was born in Iowa and went to the University of North Texas.

So in a nutshell, I love country music, I love country music concerts, and if I am not doing something related to those things then I am most likely dancing my lil heart out to Taylor Swift.

Grant Mickelson is one of the staple members of the Agency.

I want to text Taylor, but I don't want to wake her up so I decide to go out for an early morning jog while the sun isn't up high yet. I fully unfold the paper and start reading from the very beginning.

I start putting on my bright red skinny jeans, the pair I just bought a short while ago, when a knock on the door interrupts me. It says I am to leave by nine AM today and right now it is... I have exactly half an hour to pack my bags and guitar, say my final goodbyes, then leave for good. There's something more in small font: ' You must exit by the back door of your bus and never look back.

He is also dubbed the most-organized in the band, and has driven the tour bus on several occasions.

During the Fearless Tour before a show, Taylor and the Agency would stand in a circle and chant, “Never forget the essence of your sparkle”, which is rumored to have been started by Grant.

Also during the Fearless Tour, Taylor would put on a very special performance with Grant.

When their love story is just beginning, it comes to an abrupt end, or so it seems. ~Grant POV~ For some reason, I wake up quite early the next morning. At that time, those words never meant much to me because I knew that I never want to stop playing guitar for Taylor, but now I am being forced to leave. I decide not to dwell on this too much, what if the letter is to notify me that someone else is getting fired?

This is very unusual because normally, I'm fast asleep until one PM at the earliest. Not that I want any of them gone, but I don't think anyone other than me ever had to make a promise to a desperate fan.

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