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During this workshop, participants were notably invited to discuss, debate, and comment on the different "Key intelligence tasks" identified by the consortium.These 'Key intelligence tasks" are linked with cognitive tasks likely to trigger cognitive biases. 22-23 September 2012- Brussels - Workshop organised in the Framework of the RECOBIA project.You can find seasonal markets all over Europe anytime from mid November - making for perfect Christmas breaks.

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EUROSINT FORUM therefore seeks to: Stimulate the growth and integration of a European industry that so it becomes the global leader in offering methodologies and technologies in OSINT; Ensure that the public and private sectors in Europe, are aware of OSINT methodologies and technologies; Provide a conversation and knowledge sharing space for Institutions, Governments, Academia and Corporations to develop jointly the necessary methodologies and technologies.

Advice to Management Pay attention to the employees, there are many who work hard but keep quiet and do not make a scene. Both my team leader and our manager left shortly before and after mass redundancy and outsourcing.

Pros The atmosphere was alright and my colleagues were good. Good facilities, office is quite nice, although I got trapped in one of the elevators when it broke down once. Our team leader and manager at the time of my employment were great.

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