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Bold colour-blocking was all over the runways at Roksanda Ilincic and Roalnd Mouret, and asymmetric hems flourished at Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham.

Combine the two (in Ruth's dress) and you've got a gown so on-trend it hurts!

Born on June 1, 1983 Jake is a native of New York City.

He has completed his education background in a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Syracuse University.

I thought of legally just changing my name to “Van,” but then I thought, what’s the point? TB: What’s the critical element of an un-dramatic relationship? Because if you respect somebody, then you wouldn’t take some of the actions these characters take. To love someone, you really have to respect them and put their needs as high as yours, if not higher. TB: Would you say it takes emotional maturity to play emotionally immature characters?

VH: I don’t think I’ve ever been cheated on, and I’ve never cheated on anybody. I guess I have a very un-dramatic relationship, so it’s fun to be in dramatic relationships onscreen. That’s the issue these characters have; they love each other, but they don’t respect each other. I think sometimes especially young people get really excited about the prospect of being in love and all this stuff, then they treat the person they love pretty awfully. Jeremy and Ian might be the only ones who are possibly capable of that at this point.

But last week the boys did some sparking of their own when they ended up shirtless and in one another’s arms.

Tomorrow, they exchange their first kiss: What does that mean for the show and for them? After Elton.com: is one of TV’s oldest daytime dramas.

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Luke has been fighting his growing attraction to the seemingly straight Noah, especially as Noah started a romance with Maddie.For a genre not known for its subtlety, his coming out journey has been surprisingly realistic and poignant.Luke wasn’t the first gay male character on the show, but he has been the first to come from a central family and receive a significant story arc of his own. There were certain parts about it I really liked, but I had lived in New York eight years previously. What people have told me is that no one had idea that Cal was going to sleep with Jeremy. I related to those frustrations, the trying to do the right thing, and sometimes failing miserably at it. We shot those first three episodes in November, then we didn’t shoot the rest until February.

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