Jessica huan and louis koo dating

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courtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comcourtesy of The Gordon Chan Ka Seung produced, Joe Chien directed, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Mei Ting starred horror film THE CINEMA THAT NEVER DIES will open in Hong Kong on July 28th.

Two days ago the cast attended the Beijing press conference.

Thus far this year, he has appeared in a same-name adaptation of the British play, An Inspector Calls, as Inspector Karl; played Hong Kong actress Miriam Yeung's husband in the education drama Little Big Master; and was a pilot in Triumph In The Skies.

He tells Life in an e-mail interview: "I have finished shooting another four films, but do not know the release schedule." You could say his motto is shoot first, ask questions later.

When mentioned about meeting Dicky Cheung (張衞健) during filming in 1993 and the separation after 2 years later, Jessica replied she hoped to film series with him again: "I am okay and do not feel embarrassed at all. I learn many things from him when we are dating and he shares his experiences with me in order for me to become a better actress."Asking if her career or relationship is more important as she ends the 6 years relationship with her old love, Jessica admitted she gave up the chance to marry into a wealthy family because of her career: "I was 30 plus years old and have a marriage opportunity but he wants me to give up my career and become a housewife and give birth to baby, but I am not ready at that time."In addition, Jessica breaks up with 2 foreign boyfriends in recent years due to character incompatibility.

She admits she will not get married for the sake of getting married and does not mind being called as "prime lady": "What matters most is happiness.

LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING) was the top Hong Kong film with HK$ 30,256,619; BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was the top non Hong Kong film with HK$ 67,232,357.The only way to appear on camera without make up was a dark tan.Because his tan easily fades, he would have to get one every two to three days.Actually before joining the business Goo Jai has worked many jobs, one of which was a summer job to wash frozen meat. Once he brought a model to TVB for a Miss Hong Kong promotional short film, an artist department employee saw that he looked decent and suggested for him to join the business.A year later because his modeling company closed, he officially joined.

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