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I respect people that have the urge to go play for that. He’s given them energy and fun and I don’t know how you put a price tag on that.”“He makes you better as a player.

Some people go to their own school by themselves and get to shine by themselves, but I think Kentucky is the closest thing to the NBA.” “He always wanted me to be great.

It gave me so many more tools other than just basketball that comes with being an NBA player, and that’s just a testament to the program that Coach Calipari and the coaching staff at the University of Kentucky run.”“He’s just like a father. He’s going to push you to make sure he gets the best out of you. With Coach Calipari and his staff, they’re well coached, they’re well prepared. He’s not only a great coach to play for but to be around. No one in his sport does it better.”“There has always been a big UK following, especially in basketball.

Shumpert, the Knicks' best perimeter defender, along with the defensive stalwart Tyson Chandler and Landry Fields have given the Knicks a strong defensive presence.

In this setup, and with Anthony on the court as the main scoring threat, the Knicks have outscored their opponents in the first quarter of their last five games.

But many smaller stars don't have a chance to shine on tons of autograph cards.

That could add a little extra value to some of these cards.

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