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I really like him and I want him to be happy."When we broke up, the idea of him being free and being with other people didn't bother me at all.Whereas in previous break ups I've hated them and wanted their life to be s**t."I've been resentful, nasty and a bit bitter - but he's a genuinely nice person so I want him to be happy."Asked if she'd ever go back to Andy, Louise said: ""I don't know."Like I said, it's difficult going backwards.The site looks remarkably similar today to how it did more than a century ago, when Brig-adier General George Crook’s command was met in battle by Sioux and Cheyenne warriors.The battle fought here in midsummer 1876 is considered by many historians as one of the most important Indian War battles of the American West.I even made myself a uniform just like she described. It is basically a CFNM story, so I guess that gives it a strong exhibitionist/voyeur slant. Zoe seemed to go away in her mind for a minute or two, then she came back to the physical realm. I don't want you to be afraid of sharing your fantasies with me." "I'm not afraid." "So tell me one." "What? For this story, I've taken my cue from Valerie's 'Grandma Effie' where a conservatively dressed older woman with an uninhibited kinky side takes control of a young male who is (temporarily) kept naked. I've basically written this story for Valerie, to appeal specifically to her, but that's not to say others won't enjoy it too! There's an incest element, but I think the incest is mild and the other elements too strong to be truly at home in the incest/taboo category.

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Shameless has had such a knockout season because of the writers’ willingness to be ambitious and bold, and make something spectacular with a few characters rather than flit about the whole ensemble, resulting in something more equitable but less satisfying. Big changes cause ripples in it, but it doesn’t collapse.

It was a common theme in her stories to use her own name and that of her son, Sam, with whom she was having an incestuous relationship (at least, in her stories - I can't speak for real life). So I ultimately chose fetish, as that is a theme which runs throughout.

So as both an homage to Valerie K51 and as a plea to her, begging her to reconsider leaving and come back to us, I have borrowed the names of two of her characters - Valerie and Sam Knight, for my story. I'm not interested in having a large readership, I'm more concerned with the calibre of those readers.

Shameless didn’t have that quality in its early going.

It was so intently focused on Fiona and her push-and-pull dynamic with Steve that there was a strict narrative hierarchy.

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