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(Well, it may be, but it’s too late to change that now.) You’ve only just started seeing this whippersnapper (get used to the ribbing, it’ll come from all directions) and things might not work out.If they do, your son is unlikely to object in the long term to something that makes you happy. I was married for ten years, have four beautiful boys under 9 and have a very fulfilling and successful career.My life is happy, but I really would love to share it with someone…Before I became a single mom, dating was pretty awesome. It was Girls Hannah Horvath meets SATC's Carrie Bradshaw (as cheesy as that sounds).I was young, free, stylish-on-a-budget, having a crisis, not having a crisis, eating brunch, drinking champagne with celebs at press events—and I was doing it all on my watch.I don't see any point in not being up front on Tinder about my children: They're part of the life I am proud of, not something to conceal. Even so, to my surprise, nearly every right swipe I make, signaling my interest in a guy, seems to result in a match. Later, when I check back again, I see that I've been unmatched. It's a sweet thought, but a wee bit excessive for a first date.

Plus, it's easy to use on my phone, which is key because the parental-control settings on my computer won't let me access dating sites before 9 p.m. I keep looking at my phone, but get no response from him. A week later, I go on a date with a man who presents me with a mug as a gift because I'd mentioned I love the movie.

Traditionally men view the introduction of children to be a big step.

When you have talked about exclusivity and are both sure you share the same vision for the future of your relationship, then you can introduce the kids.

but dating when you have FOUR kids is like the Mt Everest of the dating world!

It seems almost impossible for men to see past that.

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