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These stamps are used mostly by notaries who are required by law or rule to include certain information on the notarial certificate.State law can require that only certain information may appear on the stamp, but elsewhere in the law are listed additional information elements that must be included on the notarial certificate.

Click the Login to Notary Profile link which is found on the home page and left navigation menu.To ensure that your appointment is accurately made without delay, please print or type your name as you wish to be commissioned to the right of the "Commissioned Name" field at the bottom of the application.Your signature must match the name that has been printed as your "Commissioned Name." This is the signature that you will use when notarizing documents.If your notary stamp is lost or stolen, it is recommended that you obtain a different type of notary stamp so that the new notary stamp is different than the one that was lost or stolen. Since August 1, 2003, a notary may not use an embossed style notary seal to notarize documents.If you have an embossed style notary seal, it should be destroyed because it is no longer legal and it may cause you to be in violation of state law if it is used to notarize documents.

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