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There are some artefacts in the images due to defective pixels (bright stationary star-like features at night), and refraction and scattering of light by the dome.

The date/time on the image and movies shows local Davis time.

I conducted thorough research for this article (read: I told a bunch of people “Last Man Standing is one of my favourite TV shows” and watched their reactions). It was written and produced by Marieke Hardy (Marieke bloody Hardy!

My conclusion was thus: not many people know this show exists. The show had a very short run from June to October in 2005. ) and starred a bunch of now-famous Australians – including Offspring’s Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart and Alicia Gardiner (once again playing a nurse).

As the DVD description says, “when it comes time to pick teams, no one wants to be the last man standing.” Also, if you ever wanted to see Rodger Corser make a fool of himself while trying to win his ex back, you should totally track it down. A lot of current Australian television deals with sex in a very distant way – the most visual symptom of this is the fact that there’s basically no nudity in new shows such as Please Like Me.

In an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that lack of exercise and physical activity among people resulted in poor health, less enjoyable sex and even sexual dysfunction.

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In addition to their irresistible accents, Australian girls are talented sex goddesses eager to try new things in bed.

A few girls from the island continent have become professional pornstars, but most scenes come from amateurs performing on webcam and filming homemade scenes to share with the internet.

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