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The event is the 30th anniversary of SWACS, the group behind the campaign to preserve the famous caves on the shoreline at East Wemyss.Many of you will know that the walls of these caves are inscribed with Pictish carvings, one of which shows a boat propelled by oars.The Picts were some of the first settlers in Scotland, myths tell of their descent from the Celtic goddess Brighid, their lineage passed down from the female line.Kenneth I - the first King of Scotland - was descended from this line, his mother being one of the Pictish Queens.

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Over 90% of modern Scots speak English as their primary language and the native Gaelic speaking Highlander is becoming increasingly a rare and unique individual.

Going back some three hundred years we can clearly see two Scotlands: one of the Gaels and Highlander, the other of the Anglo-Celtic Lowlander.

Not much is recorded about these early kings, other than that they held off attacks from both the Romans and Angles, living in their own separate community about the Firth of Forth.

READ MORE: Medieval seat found during archaeological dig in Fife The Angles were ruled by King Oswiu in 642, and were rapidly expanding north, taking the River Forth and heading up towards the River Tay.

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