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What does this trend tell us about Indonesian society?What does it say about democracy, law, morality and Islam in Indonesia’s society?

A type of access which allows the non-custodial parent (or other important person such as a grandparent) to visit with the child/ren at agreed upon times.In family law cases, access refers to the right of a parent (or another important person to a child, like a grandparent) who does not have custody of a child to spend time with the child/ren on a regular basis.Access usually includes the right to request and receive information on the child/ren’s health, education and well-being.With the rise of technological developments available in Indonesia - such as phones with cameras, smartphones, Web 2.0 and thus social media - there appeared an increase of cases in which Indonesian politicians are discredited with their private (sexual) behavior.In this thesis of mine, I will elaborate on this trend of discrediting politicians with sex scandals via social media in Indonesia.

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