Sophia myles and james franco dating

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With only two years between them, Ireland's O'Hara and New York's Hayworth presented similarly beautiful faces on the silver screen (and occasionally airbrushed onto bombers) in their hayday.

In the Dark Ages according to Reynolds and Georgaris, England is an unstable land where rival tribes squabble ceaselessly after the fall of the Roman Empire.Marke loses one hand protecting the young Tristan, who had just lost his parents, and Marke raises the boy as if he were of his blood.Years later, after another attack by the Irish forces, Tristan rescues his people, who had been captured to serve as slaves, and kills the brutal Morholt, to whom the beautiful Irish princess, Isolde, had been promised in marriage.Irish king Donnchadh (David Patrick O’Hara) actively encourages the instability — all the better to sustain Ireland’s rule over England — and occasionally sends his troops across the water to crush any attempts by the squabblers to forge alliances.During an attack on a unification conference led by Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell), Irish soldiers kill the parents of a youngster named Tristan (Thomas Sangster). But when the adult Tristan (James Franco) leads an attack on Irish invaders, he’s wounded with a poison-drenched sword, and presumed dead.

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