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Over the subsequent years Toyboy Warehouse has continued to be the UK's largest cougar dating agency specifically for older women and younger men.During this time Toyboy Warehouse has proudly connected thousands of couples, many of who are still together today.Having always been attracted to younger men, Toyboy Warehouse founder Julia Macmillian realised there were no dating agencies specifically tailored to finding the younger men she desired.Speaking with many other women and men Julia quickly discovered that although often only discussed behind closed doors, many people were attracted to and intrigued by age-gap relationships.

The runaway was then returned home to his mother, who had still not noticed her son had gone missing. ", to which the police replied: "We'll pass that on!

They are regularly using toy boy dating sites to meet their toyboy dating needs, enabling the coming together of lovers who might not otherwise mix in their usual social environment.

There is even biological evidence to explain this age-gap attraction – it’s probably always been there, but society’s rules are ever relaxing, giving cougar/toy-boy dating an overdue and invigorating breath of fresh air.

A five-year-old boy has been detained by police after he was found pedalling his toy tractor towards a petrol station late at night.

When subjected to a routine traffic check by concerned officers in the town of Ingolstadt, Germany, the child simply explained: "Petrol station. " The "young farmer" was eventually returned home to his mother, North Upper Bavaria Police wrote in a "story to smile about" posted to their Facebook page. Good that nothing happened to the little man." In Philadelphia last year, an eight-month-old received a severe dressing down by traffic police after running a red light in her hot pink pedal car.

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