Updating bios on eee pc

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I must admit Windows 7 runs beautifully on my Eee PC 900A netbook.Without doing any real performance benchmarks, I can at least say it much faster than linux.Por ejemplo, la actualización d ela BIOS que quise hacer hoy mismo por un problema que tengo con la batería (y que, por cierto, no me ha solucionado).Vas a la página de descargas de ASUS, encuentras las actualizaciones de las BIOS, te bajas la última y ¿ahora qué? FAT32 no te servirá.2.- Descomprime dentro de la llave USB el contenido del ZIP que te has descargado.3.- Renombra el archivo que se crea y ponle el número exacto del modelo de eee PC que tengas.Microsoft gave me a promotional copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, so I figured I would get it to work on this Eee PC and report how I got it to work.Requirements: The first thing you will need to do is download the newest BIOS for your Eee PC 900A.Asegúrate de tener pinchado el equipo a la corriente no vaya a ser que se interrumpa el proceso a la mitad y te quedes con él en un estado inutilizable.

The installation disc will replace corrupted files with fresh ones that will allow you to start your EEE PC once again. Usually if you have a corrupted system file or files, you will not be able to turn on your computer and use it.There was only one problem with this proposed solution… However this time around luck was on Bob’s side at last. the flashing tool blinked up onto the previously lifeless screen of eee-death, and as luck would have it (The contents of this personal blog are solely my own opinions and comments, as such they do not reflect the opinions of my employer(s) past, present or future.No legal liability is accepted for anything you do, think, or consider fact as the basis of articles and links posted on this blog. After spending a few hours fighting to get i Deneb’s version of OSX running on the little machine, he realised that the problem lay with the BIOS. So after looking all over for a modded (), the flash program balked and complained about the wrong ROMID. ASUS has wisely set the ROMID differently between the versions of BIOS to stop fools from flashing with the wrong version.5 minutes later and the rom file was open in AMI’s editing tool and the ROMID was changed to the correct number for the 1000HG. Removing the battery, power cable and pressing the reset point under the eeepc for 30 seconds ().

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