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It will invoke Method To Do Work successully and once it tries to update the listbox inside the Method To Update Control, it will generate an exception by saying "Target Invocation Exception was unhandled" at Application.Run(new Form Main()); in If you are modifying a UI element, then you are going to HAVE to block the UI thread. You use the Background Worker to get the Data that populate the List Box.Following code in the below shows how i used a delegate to do that task, but it blocks the GUI form.so i just want to convert it to an asynchronous delegate which updates list box without blocking the GUI Form delegate declaration I have included your coding in a button click event.Imagine that "Sub Method" updates the UI and Do Method is called from another thread.Note that in my case I was updating a listbox that was bound to an observable collection using a data template.If the items come in bursts or require processing between adding each one, then you might want to think about running the processing behind the scenes (via a backgroundworker or a Task). However, I guess you could create the panel and list in the backgroundworker and then just pass it up to the UI to be plugged in by the main thread? Once the Background Worker is complete and you have all your Data, you can access your controls without issues and crossing threads.But, if you are just taking data and populating the list, then you are required to use the UI thread. So you simply swap the panel that's visible and set the List Box [email protected] Pihony I wouldn't exactly call it blocking the UI Thread.

updating listbox using a thread in-8

I suspect this is something to do with adding items whilst inside the background worker thread, do I need to add these to an array and then populate the list box from the array during You can, but you must advise your Backgroundworker to report state, and send the input for the box with the current state to that event. Threading; namespace Remote Monitor Server Now, when I start this code, the listbox does get "Programm started! There is no error in Visual Studio 2010, can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Although I get two Message Box messages, so I believe the method is being called. Send Message(Int32 msg, Int32 wparam, String lparam) at System. My Thread.background Worker_Do Work(Object sender, Do Work Event Args e) in D:\My Programs\Find Duplicate MX codes\Find Duplicate MX codes\My Thread.cs:line 69 at System.

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