Updating your nim image

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But first, check to ensure the various combinations along the way are compatible and supported.

# oslevel -sq Known Service Packs ------------------- 6100- 6100- # oslevel -s -l 6100- Fileset Actual Level Service Pack Level ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- bos.alt_disk_install.boot_images utf.

It will also mount the lpp_source resource listed in the osimage definition so that you can access additional software that you may wish to install.As a precaution it is advisable to make a copy of the original spot in case your changes wind up corrupting the image.When you are done updating a NIM spot resource you should always run the NIM check operation on the spot.Essentially the SPOT is a /usr filesystem just like the one on your NIM master.Everything that a machine requires in a /usr file system, such as the AIX kernel, executable commands, libraries, and applications are included in the SPOT.

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