Validating with a custom function for asp net server controls

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The server side validation routine must be called from the control's Server Validate event handler. The basic syntax for the control is as given: The Validation Summary control does not perform any validation but shows a summary of all errors in the page.

The server side validation routine should be written in any . The summary displays the values of the Error Message property of all validation controls that failed validation.

If none of the other validators can help you, the Custom Validator usually can.

It doesn't come with a predefined way of working; you write the code for validating your self.

NET validation Web controls (the Required Field Validator, the Compare Validator, the Range Validator, and the Regular Expression Validator), you will be able to solve the vast majority of your form validation needs.

Imagine that you had a series of checkboxes that corresponded to the hobbies sports, reading, and swimming, and you asked the ready to check all hobbies that he enjoyed.For example, you can use validation controls to prevent a user from submitting the value "Apple" for a birth date field.Control Creating Custom Validation Controls Summary In this chapter, you learn how to validate form fields when a form is submitted to the web server.The following two mutually inclusive properties list out the error message: Complex pages have different groups of information provided in different panels.In such situation, a need might arise for performing validation separately for separate group.

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