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Many people consider pets a hindrance to travel but there are a few options available for dog owners who want to vacation.One option for a pet owning traveler is taking the dog along on the trip.

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This dramatic change in focal power of the eye of approximately 15 dioptres (the reciprocal of focal length in metres) occurs as a consequence of a reduction in zonular tension induced by ciliary muscle contraction.

Under Title VII, a practice is religious if the employee's reason for the practice is religious.

Social, political, or economic philosophies, or personal preferences, are not "religious" beliefs under Title VII. What are some common religious accommodations sought in the workplace?

A religious practice may be sincerely held by an individual even if newly adopted, not consistently observed, or different from the commonly followed tenets of the individual's religion. Some practices are religious for one person, but not religious for another person, such as not working on Saturday or on Sunday.

One person may not work on Saturday for religious reasons; another person may not work on Saturday for family reasons.

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