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This post assume that your Word Press website pass all the tests as reported by the Background Update Test Plugin: PASS: Your Word Press install can communicate with Word securely. PASS: Your installation of Word Press doesn’t require FTP credentials to perform updates. You know that there has been Word Press version updates or upgrades, but you simply cannot see it from the usual screens.

If you own a VPS or a dedicated server and host several Word Press sites, one of the symptom is that you can update some of the Word Press sites but not the others.

Due to the plugin that you were using, your returning visitors will need to clear their browser's cache and temporary internet files, close & and reopen their browser, then visit the site again.

When I open the homepage then I saw articles I have posted around 3-4 days ago. WP performance score booster and I think this plugin is causing issue so I removed it and Cloudflare also but still facing problem. Note - When a new users is visiting site then he is getting right information but when returning visitors are visiting site then they are facing this issue.

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The reason for this is that our caching system is doing what it’s meant to do – caching your site’s content to make it load faster.But then after you make a few changes in your Word Press content or your design, you notice that nothing has changed. But then the next page you visit within that site doesn't take quite so long. A number of common factors can cause this behavior, such as: browser caching, server-side caching, caching plugins, and making changes in the incorrect location in the file system.While the option to Purge All Caches in your Word Press Admin Dashboard is preferred since it clears all caching layers, sometimes caching issues may prevent you from logging into your site, or it may be that accessing the User Portal is just more convenient at the time.Whatever the reason, feel free to use this option to purge your site’s cache as well!

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